Top Soil

We have top quality top soil available.

Applications include:

  • Laying Turf
  • General Landscaping
  • Beds and Borders

The top soil is available for collection in 25Kg bags or it can be delivered in Dumpy bags or in bulk loose by the ton. Please call for prices.


We have new softwood sleepers available. The sleepers are treated with preservative and are available in two colours, green or brown.
The dimensions are 2.40m x 225mm x 100mm.

The sleepers are available for either collection or delivery.
Please call for more information.


We have two types of fertiliser:

  • Pre-turfing - to establish a new lawn from turf it is advisable to apply pre-turfing or Autumn lawn feed to the soil and incorporate it into the surface. Fertilisers will provide the turf with consistent nutritient supply, improving its ability to establish quickly with a strong rooting system . Turf that has established quickly, within the first 10 weeks, is healthier and better able to withstand disease and bad weather. This product comes in 2.5Kg bags, which cover 100 square metres.

  • Spring/Summer - Spring and Summer lawn feed provides your lawn with an initial feed of nutrients to produce a healthy looking lawn, feeding both the leaves and the roots.

    The slow release elements provide a steady supply of nutrients to the plant, maintaining healthy growth, this however does not create excessive leaf growth leading to increased mowing frequency. This product comes in 2.5Kg bags, which cover 100 square metres.

Grass Seed

Premium seed mix contains 23 cultivars from 5 different grass species each chosen for their appearance and performance. Our seed mix is ideal for over-seeding turf or for patching in.

Each cultivar has been carefully chosen to produce a turf sward that is high in density, hard wearing and with good disease resistance, while also providing excellent year-round colour and clean cutting appearance.

Other Products

We also supply a range of associated products to help you with landscaping and garden design including

  • Bark and mulches sold loose by the cubic metre, various grades available
  • Sand
  • Shingle
  • Allin(Ballast)
  • Hardcore

Please call for details

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